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HimTox-R Powder
HimTox-R Powder

HimTox-R Powder

    Dipolar Mycotoxin Binder

    A unique dipolar mycotoxin binder with greater toxin binding capacity and broad-spectrum activity.

    • Key Ingredients
    • Description
    • Directions for Use
    • Additional Information
    Key Ingredients
    • Bentonite / HSCAS (Hydrated Sodium Calcium Alumino Silicate) is dipolar in nature and binds both positively and negatively charged toxins which include aflatoxins and ochratoxins.
    • Organic acids (Acetic acid and Formic acid) control mold growth in the product.
    • Kalamegha – It is Phytohepatoprotective and helps in, the biotransformation of toxins and quick elimination.

    HimTox-R powder protects dairy animals from mycotoxins in feed and helps in controlling the level of Aflatoxin M1 excreted in milk. It improves the proliferation of beneficial intestinal microflora and protects the liver from damage due to the presence of hepatoprotective phytoactives. It also prevents caking of feed and improves palatability.

    Directions for Use

    One kg per metric ton of feed.

    The inclusion ratio may vary depending on the level of contamination with mycotoxins. Please consult an animal nutritionist for proper usage.

    Additional Information
    • Stable over a wide range of pH.
    • Potential organ protection.
    • CEC (cation exchange capacity) of desired value (between 19 to 60 mEq).
    • Selective binding only with toxins.
    • Free-flowing powder doesn’t form lumps.
    • Better toxin adsorption capacity.