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Himalaya Poultry & Fish Cleanser - Washes Away Germs & Bad Odor

Poultry & Fish Cleanser

₹ 140

    Protect your family’s health and enjoy your special meal by eating fresh, clean, and safe meat and fish.

    Washes away up to 99.9% of germs*
    Leaves No Smell, Color, or Taste

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    Key Ingredients
    Ginger Juice Powder

    Ginger Juice Powder

    A well-known antimicrobial agent

    Licorice Extract

    Licorice Extract

    A well-known antimicrobial agent.


    Himalaya Poultry & Fish Cleanser is a formulation made with food-grade ingredients and with the natural extracts of Licorice and Ginger that remove germs, sliminess, bad odor, and blood residue from the surface of raw poultry, fish, and meat.

    Directions for Use
    1. Add ½ cap (20ml) of Himalaya Poultry & Fish Cleanser to 1 liter of water.
    2. Soak poultry/fish/meat for 10 minutes and rub intermittently with fingers.
    3. Rinse with clean water.
    Additional Information
    1. No soap, No chlorine, No artificial colors, No added fragrances
    2. Washes away Germs, Sliminess, and Bad Odor
    3. The Cleanser reduces the number of washes required to clean your meat and ensures your poultry and fish stay clean and safe to consume.
    For Queries, contact:
    Manager - Customer Care
    The Himalaya Drug Company
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    Call 1-800-208-1930 (Toll-free in India)