3 ways to treat bleeding gums

Are you often seeing blood when you brush or grab a bite of an apple?

If yes, then you might have gum bleeding.

What is it and why is it happening to your gums?

Because of the starch and sugar in our meals, a sticky substance, plaque, sticks to our teeth and gums. Plaque is made of bacteria and If you allow it to remain on your gums for a long time, it can harden into tartar, which will eventually cause gum disease like gingivitis and cause your gums to bleed.

But do not worry, gingivitis is a mild disease and can be reversed unlike periodontitis, which is a more critical gum disease. Here are a few natural bleeding gums treatments that you can easily try at your home:

1. Take care of your oral health

First things first, if you want to treat bleeding gums, the first step starts by taking proper care of your oral health.

This requires brushing twice a day, flossing, and rinsing your mouth after your meals so that the food is not stuck in your gums for a longer period of time.

But be careful while choosing your toothbrush, as a brush with hard bristles may be too harsh for your gums and can also cause gum bleeding.

2. Foods that are rich in Vitamins C

According to recent studies, a deficiency of vitamin C can cause gum bleeding. Research has also shown that when people increased their intake of vitamin C enriched foods, it helped them in curing bleeding gums.

So if you are experiencing gum bleeding very often, you might want to check your vitamin C level and eat foods like guava, oranges, broccoli, thyme, lemons, and strawberries.

3. Power of Neem

Neem leaves, standing up to its reputation as the pharmacy of nature, have healing and medicinal properties that help in curing various diseases including gum bleeding.

This is why a lot of oral care toothpastes have started to include neem in their ingredients like Himalaya Ayurveda gum care toothpaste.

Switching to these kinds of toothpaste and using them twice daily can help you wash away the germs causing serious oral problems and keep your gums healthy.

Although gum bleeding can often be caused due to various reasons like using a hard toothbrush, however, if you are experiencing it too often, it can possibly be a sign of unhealthy gums.

The few best ways to prevent bleeding gums are by consuming a healthy diet so that your body is full of the required nutrients and vitamins to fight germs, following a healthy oral routine by brushing twice a day and keep visiting your periodontists for regular check-ups and thorough cleaning.