Podcast - Season 1

Episode 15: What does Ayurveda say about baby care?

It is essential to take care of a newborn to minimize the risk of illnesses and promote overall growth and development. The age-old wisdom of Ayurveda includes guidelines and suggestions such as dressing baby, care regimen during different seasons, oil massage and rituals. It is important to follow them for the physical and mental well-being of baby.

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Episode 14: The importance of hand hygiene

In the 14th episode of #HouseOfWellness, Dr. Mithun Kazhakaran talks about hand hygiene. He differentiates between handwashing and hand sanitizing and when we should follow them. We further delve into busting some of the common myths concerning hand hygiene.

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Episode 13: All about bone health and joint wellness

We depend on our bones and joints for every bodily movement. But, how often do we think about it? In the 13th episode of #HouseOfWellness, Dr. Soorya Narayan H explains the importance of bone health and joint wellness. "We tend to take bone health and joint wellness for granted," adds Dr. Soorya.

We further discuss about the role of a healthy diet, physical activity, and other lifestyle factors that can affect our bone mass. Dr. Soorya opines that Ayurveda is relevant, especially for treating ailments related to bones and joints.

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Episode 12: Know about gut health

In the 12th episode of #HouseOfWellness, Dr. Srikrishna H A talks about gut health and wellness. We further discuss the causes that adversely affect our gut health and the symptoms.

Dr. Srikrishna adds, “Modern lifestyle choices, such as a major shift in an individual’s diet, along with high prevalence of stress, anxiety, and depressive mindset leads to altered gut-brain axis dysfunction. This adversely affects gut health and also worsens the symptoms of gut health disturbances.” Don't miss out on knowing the preventive measures to ensure gut health.

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Episode 11: Ayurveda - beyond space and time

Ayurveda guidelines today need to be a part of our daily routine to ensure good health and wellness. "The principles of Ayurveda, when applied with appropriate scientific rigor, bring about the desired results. And often, these are simple interventions in lifestyle, including food, sleep, and habits primarily," adds Dr. Vaheed.

In the eleventh episode, we discuss about Ayurveda, a science that is 5000 years old and yet relevant in modern times. Dr. Vaheed shares his experience about people opting for Ayurveda as a choice of therapy for many diseases. "People would resort to Ayurveda when in dire need of help when they felt hopeless with all other treatment modalities." He further explains his views on Ayurveda as a medical science and what sets it apart.

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Episode 10: A healthy mind is the first step in preconception care

Preconception care means taking good care of your body and mind when you and your partner want to have a child. Improved overall well-being increases the success rate of getting pregnant.

In our tenth episode of the House of Wellness, Dr. Prathibha Babshet talks about the importance of a healthy mind during preconception care. As we discuss further, we delve deep to understand the causes of infertility rising among couples and measures that help deal with stress better. Dr. Prathibha emphasizes three important things during preconception care: prepare, stabilize, and plan to have a higher conception rate.

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Episode 9: Oral health is a key indicator of overall health

Oral health is a huge part of our general health. It refers to the health of our teeth, gums, and the entire oral-facial system that allows us to smile, speak, and chew.

In the ninth episode of House of Wellness, Dr. Ashok BK shares key insight on the importance of taking care of oral health and its impact on our overall well-being. We further discuss about common oral health problems and measures to avoid them. Don't miss out on the key information on the benefits of oil pulling in our oral care regimen!

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Episode 8: Prevention and Management of Diabetes

Diabetes is undoubtedly one of the most challenging health problems in modern times. It is increasing globally. The prevalence of diabetes increases with age. More than 60% of the people with diabetes live in Asia, with almost one-half in China and India combined.

In the eighth episode of the House of Wellness podcast, Dr. Guruprasad talks about diabetes, its types, prevention, and a few simple ways to manage it.

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Episode 7: Care and management of managing menopausal symptoms

Women can effectively manage menopausal symptoms by adopting healthy dietary practices and making lifestyle modifications. In the seventh episode of the House of Wellness podcast, Dr. Jayashree talks about menopause health and managing menopausal symptoms effectively.

We further understand the impact of drastic lifestyle changes on our hormones. "Various herbs, such as Mandukaparni, Haritaki, Yashtimadhu or Licorice, and Ashoka can benefit immensely in the management of menopause and its symptoms," adds Dr. Jayashree.

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Episode 6: Early menarche and beyond; everything you need to know

Today's fast-paced world demands women to be even more agile and strong, so they can effectively manage work, home, and various other areas of their lives. While doing so, they also need to bear the brunt and burden of physical, physiological, and psychological changes—starting with menarche.

In the sixth episode of House of Wellness, Dr. Jayashree B Keshav shares insights on early menarche, menstrual irregularities, and the role of Ayurveda during the upheavals of menstrual cycles.

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Episode 5: Importance of Balanced Sleep in the Modern World

A night of quality sleep is as important as eating healthy and staying physically active. In the fifth episode, Dr. Sushrutha CK explains the importance of good sleep to lead a healthy life. We further discuss the ill effects of disturbed sleep on our overall well-being and the ideal sleep pattern we should practice.

Dr. Sushrutha further shares a few tips to follow for a balanced sleep.

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Episode 4: Improving Mind and Body Wellness

We seldom pay attention to the interconnection between our emotional well-being and physical well-being. In the fourth episode of #HouseOfWellness, Dr. Shruthi M Hegde simplifies the interplay between mind and body. "The thoughts and feelings generated in our minds have definite control over what goes on in our bodies," adds Dr. Shruthi.

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Episode 3: Natural Ways to Strengthen Immunity

In the third episode, we simplify the concept of immunity and its importance in our daily life. ”An imbalance in the immune system can lead to autoimmune diseases and prolonged recovery after an illness, affecting the quality of life," adds Dr. Hariprasad V.R.

In the podcast, Dr. Hariprasad shares a few tips about the readily available herbs in our kitchen garden or the market, which helps in boosting immunity.

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Episode 2: Three guiding principles to lead a healthy life

We often find ourselves racing to achieve our goals and ambitions without realizing that our health is taking a back seat. The second episode of House of Wellness features Dr. Srikanth, who briefly explains the three guiding principles to lead a healthy lifestyle. “All three principles work together to form the foundation stone of preventive management of diseases apart from assisting in healthy living,” adds Dr. Srikanth. We further discuss practicing each guiding principle to take charge of our life holistically.

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Episode 1: The Wisdom of Ayurveda

In our first episode of House of Wellness, a podcast powered by Himalaya Wellness Company, we delve into the wisdom of Ayurveda.

Dr. Vijendra Prakash of Himalaya Wellness Company talks briefly about Ayurveda and the science behind India's ancient healing system.

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