Research at the Heart

If there is one word that captures the essence of Himalaya, it is research. It lies at the heart of everything we do. While drawing from ancient Ayurvedic texts, our scientists have validated the safety and efficacy of our herbal formulations using modern science. Each herb is studied in great detail to establish its known and unknown therapeutic benefits. We have studied over 10,000 herbs and discovered many new properties.

Yet, our scientists are busy researching herbal drugs for conditions like cancer, depression, and women's health, amongst others.

Through research, Himalaya has introduced several innovative products. Cystone®, Himplasia®, and Septilin® are some of our breakthrough drugs that are prescribed by doctors across the world. Septilin® is used in infection management. Cystone®, used in the treatment of urinary stones, is a popular herbal drug available for this condition and is backed by over 90 clinical trials. Himplasia® is an effective herbal formulation that controls benign prostate hyperplasia. The efficacy of these drugs is comparable to allopathic medicines, with a wide safety window. Scientifically researched herbal medicines can make a significant contribution to overall health care.

We have applied the research strength of our pharmaceutical products to personal care as well. For example, our Purifying Neem Face Wash has undergone extensive experiments and clinical studies to demonstrate safety and efficacy.

At Himalaya, we will continue to focus on research and build credibility for herbal medicines and personal care products. Our customers understand that all our products are the result of years of research.