Innovation in Personal Care

Products that are developed with an understanding of consumer needs with a concept of "principally herbal, gentle, and well-researched," define our personal care range, and those are developed through the application of Ayurvedic and traditional herbal wisdom. Science and research lie at the heart of product development at Himalaya. We combine the wisdom of traditional ingredients with modern scientific research and ingredients used across the international personal care industry. Our scientists have studied more than 10,000 herbs and developed a range of over 300 personal care products, which include products for head-to-toe wellness solutions. Our personal care products fall under Body Care, Eye Care, Face Care, Hair Care, Lip Care, Men's Care, Oral Care, and Baby Care.

Our personal care products are made with natural and naturally-derived ingredients with other internationally approved safe functional ingredients. These products are tested for safety and efficacy in an independent laboratory by leading dermatologists. The product benefits and claims are validated by formula features, unique ingredients, and experimental, consumer, and clinical research carried out by independent agencies.

Each product undergoes ingredient authentication, process standardization, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, optimum packaging, compliance with global and local regulatory guidelines, and stringent quality tests to establish purity, stability, and safety. Both the ingredients, as well as the finished products are tested as per stringent specifications using globally recognized methods recommended by international agencies, product standard organizations, and pharmacopoeias. All the products are critically evaluated for compliance with the guidelines suggested by regulatory bodies like the EU, GSO, ISO, ASEAN, and BIS.

Himalaya is a leader in the Face Care category, and our well-researched global flagship brand, Purifying Neem Face Wash helps tackle pimples with its mild, soap-free cleansing along with the extra beneficial properties of time-tested herbs, Neem and Turmeric. Purifying Neem Face Wash helps clean pollutants, dirt, and facial oil while maintaining the skin's hydration and moisture balance. The face wash helps prevent common skin problems like excessive oiliness, pimples, inflammatory acne, skin redness, and clogged pores, helping maintain healthy skin. The benefits offered by this product are well established over decades by multiple and independent clinical, consumer, and experimental research studies.

Our Botanique range of products (consisting of oral care products, face washes, face scrubs, and body bars which are handcrafted and specifically designed to promote skin health) are advanced formulations with certified organic herbal ingredients. Our Botanique toothpaste range is a top seller in the US and is devoid of harsh chemical ingredients. This range of products is holistic in nature and is specially designed to promote total oral hygiene and health. These products contain herbal actives extracted using advanced, eco-friendly Super-Critical Fluid Extraction (SCFE) techniques using carbon dioxide as the solvent. Botanique toothpastes are free from preservatives, containing premium quality natural flavors and the natural sweetener, Stevia. The Botanique range of products is proven clinically for safety and efficacy by independent researchers.

Our focused research has yielded us several natural ingredients for our personal care range of products, which include natural sunscreen agents, 100% natural color for the lip care range of products, and 100% natural carbon from a vegetable source for the eye care range of products.

For over 90 years, under our pharmaceutical banner, we have a dedicated pediatric portfolio that includes products like Bonnisan, an herbal formulation designed to address indigestion and colic. Supported by an extensive body of evidence from over 200 clinical studies, the Bonnisan range, comprising Bonnisan Liquid, Bonnisan Drops, Bonnispaz, and Mentat— an Ayurvedic formulation that is designed to enhance memory and maintain healthy cognitive function, has earned the trust of pediatricians.

Our understanding of herbs that work best for children's health helped us develop a range of BabyCare health and hygiene products that are gentle and safe. At Himalaya, the science of Baby Care is geared towards bringing the very best of care for babies. Himalaya BabyCare products are developed based on the key principles laid down in the Ayurvedic science of childcare, Kaumarabhritya, which recommends the use of herbs in baby's personal daily regimen. The herbs we use in our BabyCare products have been tested for safety, efficacy, and being gentle on baby's skin.

Himalaya BabyCare products are free from ingredients which are harsh for baby's delicate skin, such as SLS/SLES/ALES, phthalates, alcohol, artificial color/dyes, and mineral oil. The ingredients selected are of the highest quality and purity, complying with stringent global regulatory requirements. Our products are well accepted and used by millions of people across the globe and have undergone stringent clinical evaluations for safety and efficacy by leading pediatricians and dermatologists. Himalaya BabyCare is widely recommended by medical practitioners as a brand providing effective, gentle, soothing, and nourishing products for babies' delicate skin.

Our scientists are conducting exciting research in the personal care segment, such as improving skin and hair health, consumer-friendly formats, do-it-yourself products, Earth-friendly concepts, including water-prudent and energy-efficient technologies, as well as sustainable and completely recyclable packaging materials.