Brand Story- Youth Eternity Face Serum

Brand Story:
The Edelweiss flower symbolizes the eternal beauty of the Swiss Alps and is a rare flower that blooms in the Switzerland forever. Despite the flower's delicate and fragile appearance, Edelweiss is incredibly resilient to bloom in the extreme climate and environment at nearly 1000m altitude under the blazing sun. Furthermore, Edelweiss can self-renew and regrow from a few stem cells. The Edelweiss flower has been used for centuries for its proven antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and skin-conditioning properties.

At Himalaya, we continually strive to learn about the power of plants to bring you innovative yet efficacious skincare products that will help protect your natural beauty. Hence, the Youth Eternity products, powered with the goodness of Edelweiss, were born. Himalaya Youth Eternity Face Serum is a breakthrough anti-aging formulation based on Plant Stem Cell Technology3 and exotic Herbal Actives.

Plant Stem Cell Research helps regulate youth genes and improves your innate skin cell matrix to help defy aging and reveal your skin's natural beauty. Youth Eternity Face Serum helps deeply moisturize skin, making skin feel plump and hydrated. In addition, the serum helps enhance the skin's radiance, reducing visible signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage.