Conservation of Biodiversity/Reforestation

Since 2012, Himalaya has planted over 8,00,000 trees across the belts of the Eastern and Western Ghats, Meghalaya, and Bengaluru. These trees consist of various species of food and medicinal saplings that are native to the respective regions. The goal of the activity is to preserve and maintain the biodiversity through tree planting. It also aids in the restoration of lost flora and wildlife, and the establishment of ecological balance.

  • Himalaya has associated with various partners for this conservation effort:
    • SEBC (Society for Environment and Biodiversity Conservation) - Western Ghats- 7,50,000 trees planted
    • WeForest – Meghalaya (Khasi Hills) – 60,000 trees planted
    • Say Trees – Chikkaballapur District in Karnataka – 10,000 trees consisting of 11 species planted
  • The local community is also involved and provided with a source of employment in the initiative to conserve the forests and ecosystem while also restoring biodiversity.
  • Himalaya’s goal is to be an agent of change, leading the mission toward a cleaner and greener planet.