Kisaan Mitra - Sowing the Seeds of Happiness

Himalaya shares a special bond with the farmers who cultivate the herbs used in our products. The “Kisaan Mitra” or “Farmer’s Friend” initiative celebrates this deep connect by focusing on the economic empowerment of small and marginalized farmers across India. The initiative has helped marginalized farmers increase their income by three-fold.

We engage with over 750 farmers to grow medicinal plants on small tracts of land. We train them on organic farming techniques and promote the use of organic fertilizers like Neem Oil. We also maintain good soil health by increasing the soil’s organic content through the cultivation of green manure crops. Himalaya’s Agrotech team has provided farmers with expert guidance through the selection of crops and herb varieties to ensure a higher economic yield.

We encourage the adoption of Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) by contingent crop planning through the plantation of alternate crops. Himalaya also extends support for post-harvest management of crops, cleaning, processing, and packing. These practices help improve the water-holding capacity of the soil and enhance soil health.

We have also introduced the soil solarization technique, a natural practice of exposing the soil to the Sun to help control weeds and restore the Earth’s natural nutrients. Soil that has been solarized enables plants to absorb nutrients, especially nitrogen, calcium, and magnesium. This helps seeds germinate more quickly and plants to grow faster and mature earlier, ensuring a higher yield to our farmers.

Himalaya purchases herbs directly from the farmers at a mutually agreed and predetermined price. Himalaya strives to provide a more fulfilling life for farmers by giving them an assured income and welfare programs, such as community health camps, improvement of health and sanitation, and supporting the education of their children. .