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Himalaya Himrop vet 500ml - Ecboric and uterine cleaner for livestock
Himrop Vet

Himrop Vet

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    Uterine Cleanser and Ecbolic

    Completely expels placenta and cleans the uterus by antibacterial and antifungal activity.

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    Key Ingredients
    Adhatoda Vasica Aerial

    Adhatoda Vasica Aerial

    Adhatoda Vasica Aerial is known to possess uterine-stimulating properties.

    Gloriosa Superba

    Gloriosa Superba

    Gloriosa Superba has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. The aqueous extract of Gloriosa superba has oxytocic activity that induces uterine contractions and stimulates the uterus. The herb is used as an ecbolic for post-calving uterine health/reproductive efficiency.



    Drumstick Leaf has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties help maintain the normal physiology of the uterus.


    Himalaya HIMROP VET completely expels the placenta following parturition. Antimicrobial activity prevents the development of postpartum uterine infections such as pyometra, metritis, etc. It regulates lochial discharge and promotes the involution of uterus, thereby promoting healthy conception.

    Directions for Use
    • Cows, buffaloes, and mares: 100ml twice on the first day, followed by once daily for the next three days
    • Ewes, does, and sows: 50ml twice on the first day, followed by 25ml for the next three days.
    Additional Information


    • Retention of placenta (ROP)
    • Treating infertility caused by uterine infections such as pyometra, etc.
    • Follow-up therapy in treating endometritis
    • Delayed uterine involution