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Himalaya HimBloat Liquid

Himalaya HimBloat Liquid

    Rapid-acting Anti Bloat

    For the treatment of gaseous distension/bloat in ruminants. It not only treats bloating but also normalizes disturbed digestive processes by stimulating the release of various enzymes.

    • Key Ingredients
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    Key Ingredients
    Apium graveolens(Ajamoda)

    Apium graveolens(Ajamoda)

    Apium graveolens (Ajamoda) possesses carminative and antispasmodic activity that controls pain and helps in the release of gas.

    Mentha arvensis (Pudina)

    Mentha arvensis (Pudina)

    Mentha arvensis (Pudina) is known for its soothing effect on the digestive system. It has excellent carminative and antispasmodic activity, which promotes the rapid release of excess gas.


    Himalaya HimBloat‘s surfactant action helps in the coalescence of froth and promotes the escape of entrapped gas. It promotes digestion and corrects digestive disturbances associated with bloating.

    Directions for Use
    • Cows and buffaloes: 100ml single dose
    • Sheep, goats, and calves: 50ml single dose
    Additional Information


    • Frothy bloat
    • Gaseous bloat