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Chelated minerals and vitamins supplement fortified with herbs

Takes care of body metabolism that optimizes production and reproduction. Helps reduce fertility problems (especially stress and immunity problems).

Chromium, Trace minerals, Vitamins, Herbal Actives

-Improves fertility and maintains health and immunity.
-Supports optimum and sustained milk production.
-Reduces the risk of mastitis by decreasing the somatic cell count.

Directions for Use:

-Cows and buffaloes: 30g per day per animal
-Calves, sheep, and goats: 15g per day per animal
-2kg of HimChelate should be mixed in 100kg of feed.

Product Type:

Country of Origin: India

Manufactured by: Himalaya Wellness Company, Makali, Bangalore - 562162, Karnataka, India

For Queries, Contact: Manager - Customer Care, Himalaya Wellness Company, Makali, Bengaluru - 562162, Karnataka, India
Email: contactus@himalayawellness.com
Call 1-800-208-1930 (Toll-free in India)

Key Ingredients
Ayurveda texts and modern research back the following facts


Chromium enhances glucose absorption. It activates enzymes and stabilizes proteins and nucleic acids and reduces the negative effects of environmental stress.

Trace minerals

Trace minerals (Zinc, Manganese, Iodine, and Copper) provide the essential nutrients to improve ovarian activity and enhance fertility.


Vitamins regulate body function and enhance growth and production, while increasing the immune resistance against diseases.

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