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Himalaya Punarnava - Supports urinary system


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In Ayurveda, Punarnava means “that which rejuvenates or renews the body.”

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Key Ingredients

As backed by Ayurveda and modern science



In Ayurveda, 'Punarnava' means that which rejuvenates or renews the body.


Benefits of the Herb:

Facts derived from Ayurveda texts and modern research:

The constituents that naturally occur in the herb help protect the kidney from free radical damage.
Punarnava displays diuretic activity and assists in the flushing of harmful pathogens.
The herb controls the recurrence of urinary system infections by neutralizing disease-causing germs and their toxic effects.
Punarnava exhibits analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which soothe and calm the urinary tract.

Ideal For:
Urinary tract infections

Directions for Use

1-2 tablets twice daily or as directed by your physician.

Additional Information


Each tablet contains: Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa) root extract – 250 mg.

Special Instructions:

  • It is advisable to consult your physician before you start using the product in these situations:
    • Pregnancy
    • Breastfeeding
    • In Conditions which require special medical care
  • Specific contraindications that have not been identified
  • Please consult your physician if symptoms persist.

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