Activities to Help Baby’s Skills

Activities to Help Baby’s Skills

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Eight months is the age when you can build your baby’s social skills.

Interaction is an important aspect of emotional bonding between you and your baby, and a vital tool that will help him/her to learn about communication.

Apart from just tending to his/her physical needs, try to spend quality time with your baby.

While playing will help in refining his movements, interactions will develop his sensory skills.

Respond to his actions and reward him with hugs and cuddles. This will help him become more confident!

Activities for You and Your Baby

Hide-n-seek: Stimulating and fun, babies really enjoy hide-n-seek. Take a couple of your baby’s toys and hide them under a pillow, cushion, or blanket. Then ask your baby to find them for you.

Peek-a-boo: Cover your face and reveal it slowly with different expressions and sounds each time. This momentary vanishing act and appearing again will fill your baby with excitement.

Play with toys: Playing with simple but different toys will stimulate your baby’s mind and make him/her very happy.

Using picture books: Babies love bright and colorful pictures, so read out stories while pointing out names and objects.

Your baby may not be able to understand everything, but will still appreciate the sound of your voice. As he grows older, he will be able to recollect, recognize and point out the same objects when asked.

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