Baby Emergencies

Baby Emergencies

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Giving First-Aid

In case of an emergency, contact your doctor or emergency services.

It is equally important to have the basic knowledge to handle your baby in such conditions.

Although the information below cannot be a substitute for first-aid training, these tips may help save your baby’s life.

There may be circumstances when you will have to act quickly to prevent a further decline in your baby’s condition while the doctor or emergency services reach you.

Be confident and attend to your baby by following these instructions.

Note: If your baby hurts or injures himself in any major way, the first thing that you must always do is check that his air passage is clear, he is able to breathe, and that his pulse is above 60 beats/min (120 is normal for a baby).

If you think he has a spinal injury, do not twist or move him, but lay him still on his back and call your doctor immediately.

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