The 5 Best Apartment Dogs

The 5 Best Apartment Dogs

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Do you live in an apartment and still long to have the company of a furry friend?

Dogs need big, open spaces to run and play around, and it becomes difficult for them to settle down into the constrained space of apartments.

But, with booming city life, many of us live in smaller spaces which makes owning a pet challenging.

While it would be tough to share a small space with a large breed like a Golden Retriever or German Shephard, there are smaller breeds that can live comfortably in an apartment and become your pet partner. 

The 5 Best Apartment Dogs

Here are a few paw pals you can share your apartment life with:

1. Pug

Playful, loyal, and highly intelligent, all a pug needs is a bit of regular exercise. They love to hang around with their owners. 

2. Pomeranian

Small, feisty, and fluffy, Pomeranians with pricked ears and foxy faces are adorable, alert, and smart. However, they need a bit of stern love to control their incessant barking.   

3. Dachshund

Playful, friendly, affectionate, and keen watchdogs, Dachshunds make wonderful pets for small spaces as they don’t shed excessively. 

4. Shih Tsu

Sturdy and intelligent, Shih Tsu’s are small dogs with a big attitude and need to be trained with patience and persistence

5. Beagle

Sturdy, athletic, peaceful, and friendly, Beagles make good companions for both kids and adults. They can be stubborn and may require stern training.  

The 5 Best Apartment Dogs 

While there are so many furry friends that can be your apartment partner, these five dog breeds can easily adapt and adjust to a closed environment like an apartment. 

Bring happiness to your life by bringing a dog into your home!

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