Himalaya Immunity Boosters (Tablets and Syrups)

Himalaya Immunity Boosters (Tablets and Syrups)

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Adopting a healthy and balanced diet, exercising regularly, maintaining mental health, and most importantly, preparing the immune system are critical

The immune system is intricately designed to provide a multilayered defense network against harmful microbes. 

Stress, an unhealthy lifestyle, or any illness can weaken the immune system; hence, keeping it functional and prepared, at all times, is necessary. 

Formulations derived from herbs are helpful in boosting the immune system and increasing the body’s resistance to diseases. 

Himalaya Wellness Company has been a front-runner in offering a diverse array of effective and clinically proven contemporary Ayurvedic formulations for supporting and strengthening immunity and fighting infections

Himalaya Immunity Boosters

Here are some Himalaya immunity-boosting tablets and syrups to help you boost immunity. 

  1. Septilin
  2. Immusante
  4. Himalaya Guduchi
  5. Himalaya Tulasi
  6. Himalaya Ashvagandha


Septilin is a well-established and time-tested formulation comprising a strategic blend of herbs that effectively treats infections and thwarts reinfection.

With a legacy of 60 years, Septilin has garnered enormous trust as one of the flagship formulations from Himalaya, designed for enhancing immunity.

A multitude of clinical trials have proven that Septilin is effective in the management of respiratory tract infections and infections of various etiologies. Also, Septilin catalyzes recovery when taken in combination with an antibiotic, in severe infections

How does Septilin work?

Septilin strengthens the body’s natural defense mechanism and helps the body build resistance against infections.

It stimulates the production of infection-fighting components and activates antibody-producing cells in the body, which fiercely fight against and kill the pathogenic viruses and bacteria

Himalaya Septilin



Immusante is one of the acclaimed immunotherapeutic products, comprising 2 herbs – Shanta and Lodhra.

Immusante, in combination with mainstay treatment, works best in preventing and treating various viral infections including influenza, dengue, and chikungunya and also infections that easily set in due to weak immunity. 

How does Immusante work?

Immusante prepares the immune system to fight infections and serves as an excellent supportive treatment for illnesses that set in due to weak immunity or when certain ailments make the body susceptible to infections.

Its broad-spectrum antimicrobial property helps the body fight against viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. 

Himalaya Immusante



Q-DEE IMMUNITY is effective for managing cold, sore throat, and flu, which are commonly seen during seasonal changes. Designed as a mouth dissolving tablet, Q-DEE provides quick relief

How does Q-DEE IMMUNITY work?

Q-DEE IMMUNITY works by boosting the body’s natural defense mechanism. Its antimicrobial property halts the infection from setting in; additionally, it helps clear excess mucus accumulation and provides relief from congestion



Himalaya Guduchi

Derived from the goodness of the herb Guduchi (commonly known as Giloy), Himalaya Guduchi is a well-received, single-herb concentrate that is effective in tackling infections.

It also shows promising results in the treatment of allergic rhinitis

How does Himalaya Guduchi work?

Guduchi builds the body’s immunity when in a compromised state due to stress, illness, or infection and prepares the body to fight infections and keep infections at bay.

It also effectively reduces chronic and recurring fever. The antimicrobial property of Guduchi kills pathogenic microbes. 

Himalaya Guduchi


Himalaya Tulasi

Himalaya Tulasi, packed with the active constituents of the herb Tulasi (one of the most revered herbs in Ayurveda), is effective in rapidly controlling respiratory tract diseases.

It is highly effective in treating upper respiratory tract diseases and chronic conditions such as asthma and bronchitis

How does Himalaya Tulasi work?

The active constituents in Tulasi extract have anti-microbial property, which kills pathogenic microbes. They also regulate the release of chemical components that trigger allergic response in the body.

Tulasi boosts antibody production and thereby prepares the body to fight infections. It reduces cough and mucus buildup, which are commonly associated with respiratory illnesses. 

Himalaya Tulasi


Himalaya Ashvagandha

Himalaya Ashvagandha, prepared from the root extracts of Ashvagandha, is a well-known rejuvenator, antistressor, and immune booster

How does Himalaya Ashvagandha work?

Chronic stress is proven to be one of the hidden causes of various ailments including infections. Stress also weakens immunity, making the body vulnerable to infections.

Ashvagandha downplays the stress-inducing components produced by the body. By reducing stress and anxiety and rejuvenating the mind and the body, Ashvagandha protects the body from stress-induced ailments, restores immunity, and prepares the body to fight infections.

It is very useful in managing immunodeficiency

Himalaya Ashvagandha


Why Himalaya?

Himalaya is a global herbal wellness and personal care brand with close to 500 well-researched, evidence-based products, and presence in over 100 countries.

At Himalaya, we strongly believe in contemporizing Ayurveda for modern, technology-driven, evidence-based solutions for today’s health care challenges.

With “Quality by Design” being our mantra, Himalaya emphasizes quality at each step of product development, from seed to shelf. 

The herbs that form an integral part of our products are authenticated and taxonomically and pharmacognostically validated by a team of experts. These herbs are cultivated and collected through sustainable practices.

Himalaya’s products are manufactured in ISO-9001-certified and GMP-certified facilities to assure quality and consistency.

Using highly advanced, sophisticated, state-of-the-art precision equipment, every batch is tested for heavy metals, pesticide levels, disease-causing germs, and other known synthetic, toxic chemicals. 

Himalaya Immunity Boosters

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