How to Remove Tan at Home (Quick and Effective Remedies)

How to Remove Tan at Home (Quick and Effective Remedies)

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Summers are perfect for that much-needed beach time. But the scorching sun can leave your skin tanned

Regain your skin's healthy glow with a summer skin care regimen. Use an exclusive range of orange-based products to reduce tan and cleanse the skin. 

Orange, with its refreshing smell and citric properties, improves skin tone and enhances the skin's texture. 

Here are three must-have products to say goodbye to your tan and reveal skin that radiates a happy glow.

Remove Tan at Home with the following regimen:

1. Cleanse your skin with Orange and Honey

The first step to effective skin care begins with a good face wash. Use a tan removal face wash packed with the goodness of Orange and Honey in the morning and evening. 

While Honey works as a moisture retainer to help seal in the moisture, Orange, with its rejuvenating properties deep cleanses the skin to help remove suntan.

2. Scrub off the tan with the goodness of Oatmeal and Orange

Getting rid of your dead skin cells is important to remove your tan. Use a mild exfoliating face scrub with Oatmeal and Orange peel extracts to help improve skin tone and texture. 

Scrubbing helps smoothen your skin and lighten suntan. Orange peel removes excess facial oil to give you smooth, soft, and even-toned skin.

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3. Get the tan off with a peel-off mask

Orange peel-off masks are a summer skin care quintessential -- the ideal solution to get rid of dead skin cells and dullness

Peel-off masks which combine the goodness of Orange and Honey are best for your skin. 

Orange peel-off masks not only remove tan but also soften, brighten, and lighten your skin because of the citric acid and vitamin C.


Head out confidently without worrying about a patchy, uneven skin tone due to prolonged sun exposure

Discover the protective and rejuvenating power of Orange to keep your skin healthy with a happy glow. 

Choose Himalaya Tan Removal products and be assured that your summer skin care will be happy and healthy.

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