How to Treat Ear Infections in Dogs

How to Treat Ear Infections in Dogs

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Ear infections in dogs are quite common. Dogs with droopy ears seem to be more susceptible to ear infections.

Dogs display many external signs—excessive head shaking, whining, scratching the infected ear, and tilting the head toward the side of the infected ear—when they have ear infections.

Pet parents should be observant of these signs and seek immediate medical help.

Risk Factors and Causes

The ear canal in dogs is L-shaped and tends to hold fluid, thus, making them susceptible to infections.

Foreign particles, wax buildup, moisture, certain health conditions (eg, endocrine disorders), and injuries act as risk factors of ear infections. Besides, excessive ear cleaning can also be a risk factor. 

Ear infections can be caused by bacteria and yeast, ear mites, allergies, and hair that grows at the depth of the ear canal. Ear infections are troublesome and need immediate medical attention.


A veterinarian will examine the dog’s ear, either visually or using an otoscope, for signs such as swelling, redness, and malodorous discharge.

The intensity of pain is assessed by gentle ear palpation. The ear swabs may be analyzed microscopically and may be sent for culture tests.

Biopsies or X-rays may be prescribed in severe and chronic cases.


How to treat ear infections in dogs

  • A veterinarian will first clean the dog’s ear and prescribe a topical ear cleanser for a few weeks.
  • Oral or injectable antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, and antifungals may also be prescribed depending on the severity of the infection.
  • Surgery may be suggested in severe and chronic cases.

How to prevent ear infections in dogs

Excess moisture is one of the common causes of ear infections; hence, drying the dog’s ears after swimming and bathing are important.

Also, getting their ears cleaned on a regular basis is vital.


Hope this helps you understand and take proper steps to better treat ear infections in your dog.

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