6 Winter Care Tips for Dogs and Puppies

6 Winter Care Tips for Dogs and Puppies

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In this blog post, you'll learn about winter care tips for dogs and puppies

How to care for your dogs in the winter

Caring for your pet in the winter is a multipronged effort that will require some thought and preparation.

The following tips can help keep your pet safe this winter:

1. Changes in Diet

During winter, your pet’s activity level may decline, thereby, requiring lesser calorie intake.

Hence, modify the diet (after discussing with your vet) to ensure your dog is provided with all the necessary nutrients.

2. Eating and Workout, Simultaneously

When it comes to feeding your dog, there are fun and creative ways you can try that will give your pet a workout.

If your pet is a food lover, you can encourage activity by spreading treats throughout different parts of the house or tossing a kibble in the air to have your pet jump and grab it.

3. Reduce Frequency of Baths

Frequent baths may cause skin dryness in your pets.

It is not advisable to stop baths completely during the winter, instead, reduce the frequency of baths, and consult your vet to find the right dog shampoo that has a better moisturizing effect.

4. Thicker Bedding at Home

Avoid letting your dog sleep on a cold floor in the winter.

Choosing the right bedding is vital to ensure your dog stays warm.

Warm blankets can create a snug environment, and heated pet beds can help keep the stiffness out of joints, particularly in aging dogs.

5. Groom Your Dog

A clean, well-groomed coat helps keep your dog properly insulated.

After bathing, dry your dog thoroughly, especially before allowing your pet outdoors.

Brush out old fur to allow a fuller coat to grow in. Clumpy, matted fur does not insulate, and it takes longer to dry.

6. Care According to Age

Cold weather often worsens existing medical conditions in dogs, particularly arthritis in senior dogs.

As puppies have weak immunity, they are more prone to illnesses during the winter.

Very young and old dogs cannot manage cold weather like the way dogs in the prime of their lives do. Hence, they require the utmost care.

Source: All About Pets. Winter Care Tips for Dogs and Pups. 2020;1(1):15.

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