Expert Cues to Help Understand Dog Behavior

Expert Cues to Help Understand Dog Behavior

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Many a times, dogs behave in ways that their owners cannot comprehend or take control over.

In this blog post, we ask a pet behaviorist some of the most common questions about dog behavior.   

Understanding Dog Behavior

Ms. Sayli Rajadhyaksha, a Bengaluru-based canine behaviorist, can help you understand your pets and connect with them better.

1. Why do dogs continuously bark, especially when guests arrive home?

Dogs use barking to communicate. They may bark to alert you about the guests’ arrival, in the excitement of seeing new people, or even to draw attention toward themselves instead of the guests.

Also, a dog with a nervous temperament may bark out of fear. This is completely normal and should not be restricted unless it continues for a long time.

2. Why do dogs follow their owners everywhere in the house?

Dogs enjoy human company, and they love being the center of attention

3. What makes dogs get destructive when left alone at home?

There can be many reasons for this. The most common one being the lack of appropriate physical exercise and mental stimulation.

Other reasons could be attention-seeking behavior, separation anxiety, and lack of behavioral training and guidance, to name a few.

A behaviorist can help train your pet to manage well when left alone at home.


4. Why do dogs circle/spin around before settling down to relieve themselves or lying down?

Just like with urine, dogs also use feces to mark their territories. To ensure their pheromones get spread into the area, they circle around before defecating.

Also, in grassy areas, dogs often trample the grass or plants around to avoid irritation near the anal area when defecating.

In the wild, dogs are most vulnerable to being hunted when asleep. Hence, to make themselves small and inconspicuous, they spin around and curl up into a small ball when sleeping.

5. Why do dogs lunge at other dogs or people while on a walk?

A walk is one of the most exciting activities of your dog’s day.

Being out in the open, having access to fresh air and new smells, and interacting with life outside your home is a lot of fun for them!

Most dogs lunge at other dogs or humans to draw their attention. They either want to play or interact with other dogs and humans.

However, this behavior can be unpleasant for onlookers.

Teaching your dog to walk with its focus on you will go a long way in building a healthy relationship and creating a pleasant walking experience.

Source: All About Pets. Expert Cues to Help Understand Pet Behavior. 2021;1(2):12.

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