5 Ways Baby Wipes Help Maintain Baby Hygiene

5 Ways Baby Wipes Help Maintain Baby Hygiene

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Settling in with your newborn can be challenging in the beginning.

Initially, your baby might require constant diaper changes and cleanups post-feeding sessions.

Bathing your baby every time she gets messy is not a practical option.

Keeping baby wipes handy is ideal for freshening up your little one anywhere, anytime.

Here are five instances where baby wipes come to a new mother’s rescue when baby needs a quick cleanup!

Baby Wipes for Easy Baby Hygiene

1. Cold days and fussy mood

During winter, or whenever it is a little chilly, washing your baby frequently using soap and water can make her delicate skin dry.

Your baby may sometimes be in a fussy mood and might throw a tantrum while being bathed.

Keep your baby happy by making cleanup quick and easy with baby wipes.

Enriched with natural ingredients, these wipes are convenient for cleansing and keeping your baby’s skin moisturized.

2. On sick days and following vaccination

Fever and cold can make your happy baby cranky.

Your baby may become irritable, especially after vaccination, and may experience discomfort during baths.

On such occasions, baby wipes can give your baby a calm freshening up.

She will be happy with the shorter cleanup time as you can cleanse her from head-to-heel with just one wipe.

Baby Wipes

3. Freshening up in the evening

Your baby needs a good clean up after playing the entire day.

While she might be too weary and drowsy for bath time, you can freshen her up using baby wipes.

Set the tone for sleep time; before your baby’s bedtime, give her a calming wipe down from head-to-toe with baby wipes, followed by a moisturizing session using a baby lotion with natural ingredients. This will help keep baby’s delicate skin healthy and soft

4. After eating food or playing

When you start feeding your baby solid food, she will move around a lot and try to eat food on her own.

So, every session will end with your baby getting her hands and face messy.

Make post-feeding cleanup time happy and easy by using baby wipes to conveniently wipe off the food and dirt from your baby’s face and hands.

5. On-the-go freshness

While travelling, it is possible that your baby may throw up.

Also, she might get exposed to germs from touching the car door handle and window.

Additionally, you could give her a complete head-to-heel wipe down to keep her skin clean when bathing her during long trips is not an option.

Himalaya Baby Wipes

Choose a baby wipe infused with the goodness of natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Indian Lotus to gently cleanse and refresh your baby's delicate skin.

Keep your baby’s skin healthy by using baby wipes that are free from alcohol, silicone, parabens, and lanolin.

While using wipes is a convenient alternative to maintaining your baby’s hygiene, don’t miss out on your baby’s regular bath schedule!

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