How Prickly Heat Powder Helps in Baby’s Heat Rash

How Prickly Heat Powder Helps in Baby’s Heat Rash

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Summer can be a distressing season for your baby.

As a baby’s sweat glands are still developing, her sensitive skin is more prone to develop a heat rash.

The symptoms of heat rash include a slight temperature, irritability, and crankiness.

Usually, small red bumps occur around the folds of the skin. The neck, chest, shoulders, and back are the sensitive regions most likely to develop a rash.

Heat rash is not a serious problem, but it can be uncomfortable for a baby.

The rashes can cause a stinging sensation that may make the baby scratch, which could break the skin and lead to infection.

To reduce the discomfort, dress your baby in loose, cotton clothes that are breathable.

For instant relief from the itchy sensation, use a prickly heat baby powder infused with the power of herbs.

Here are five ways prickly heat powder helps treat your baby’s heat rash:

1) Works like a Sponge!

A dab of prickly heat powder will help keep your baby’s skin dry and free from sweat.

A baby powder with natural zinc helps in the quick absorption of any extra moisture or oil on the skin.

2) All Day Freshness

Prickly heat powders have astringent properties that treat the rash while keeping baby’s skin fresh and cool throughout the day.

3) Calms the Skin

Prickly heat powders help reduce your baby’s restlessness by providing an instant soothing action while protecting the skin from further outbreaks and infections.

4) An Effective Antiseptic

Ideal for baby’s delicate skin, prickly heat powder works as an antiseptic that lessens the irritation caused by rashes.

5) Relief from Redness

Prickly heat powder alleviates inflammation and offers quick relief by easing the itchy sensation. It also reduces the redness of the rash.


Keep your baby feeling cool and comfortable even when the weather is humid.

Choose a prickly heat baby powder that has natural ingredients such as antibacterial Neem, antiperspirant and cooling Khus Grass, and natural zinc with antiseptic properties to speed up healing.

Himalaya’s Prickly Heat Baby Powder is enriched with the natural goodness of time-tested herbs and is ideal for a baby’s gentle skin.

Himalaya prickly heat baby powder

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