Summer Skin Care Tips for Babies

Summer Skin Care Tips for Babies

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Summer can be a trying time for babies.

In addition to having delicate and underdeveloped skin, babies lack the ability to regulate their body temperature, causing their bodies to get hot which can lead to excessive sweating.

So, when the temperature soars, baby’s skin can break out in heat rashes because of clogged sweat glands.

These tiny red bumps around the skin’s folds can be a source of great discomfort and put your otherwise happy baby in a grumpy mood.

Summer Skin Care Tips for Babies

Here are three skin care tips to ensure your baby’s happiness by keeping her skin healthy throughout summer.

1. Dress her in light and airy clothes

Choose light fabrics such as cotton and linen to help your baby’s skin breathe.

Avoid overdressing your baby at bedtime; a romper suit in soft material will keep your baby comfortable during warm summer nights.

If you are stepping out, opt for vibrant colors like red, indigo, or olive to avoid heat absorption.

2. Soothe her skin using products with natural ingredients

Heat rashes are prone to develop in the folds of the skin around the elbow and neck, behind the knees, and around the bottom.

Keep these areas clean and dry.

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A slight dab of prickly heat baby powder with ingredients like Natural Zinc, Khus Grass, and Neem can help draw out moisture to keep the skin dry.

If there are any signs of skin irritation, apply a layer of calamine lotion to soothe the inflamed skin.

3. Keep her cool and fresh with a bath

If your baby enjoys bathing, regular wipe downs or sponge baths are the best way to remove sweat and keep her skin healthy, making her happy with more fun time in the water.

Changing her clothes and diapers frequently can help her feel fresh and also avoid skin irritation and diaper rashes.

Always remember to use lukewarm water to clean baby’s skin.

Let her enjoy some diaper-free time during her playtime on the mat. But remember to place a cotton cloth before you let her roll around on the mat.


Keeping your baby comfortable is the first step to helping her enjoy the warm summer season.

If you are looking for some products with natural ingredients, you can trust the Himalaya Baby Care range which is dermatologically tested and free from parabens and phthalates to make your baby happy and keep her skin healthy.

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