8 Simple Steps for a Perfect Baby Massage

8 Simple Steps for a Perfect Baby Massage

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Are you wondering how to give your baby a soothing massage?

This blog post list eight simple steps to relax your baby's body with baby massage oil.

How to give a perfect baby massage

  1. Pour massage oil onto your palms and rub them together to warm the oil. Use mild, light strokes and massage oil into baby’s skin.
  2. Gently place your hand flat against the body starting at the center of the tummy and pushing to the side moving outwards.
  3. Begin the massage with the legs. Start with the thigh and slowly move your hand down to the feet and toes. Move your thumb in a slight circular motion to massage the feet.
  4. Next, massage the hands starting with the shoulder and moving down to the hands and fingers. Gently squeeze the palm and fingers.

    Baby Holding Hand
  5. Work your way slowly to the chest and tummy by moving your hands in a heart-shaped motion starting from the chest and ending at the center of the tummy.
  6. To finish, gently roll the baby over on the tummy and give a back rub. Use a circular motion to go from the shoulder to the hip.
  7. Massage for 15 to 20 minutes or keep going for as long as the baby seems to be enjoying your caress.
  8. Baby will appreciate the routine so end every massage in the same way to let her know that massage time is over.   

A daily massage with Himalaya’s Baby Massage Oil helps in improving the baby’s growth and development.

Infused with Olive Oil and Winter Cherry, Baby Massage Oil is clinically proven to be mild enough to use on babies.

It is a light and non-staining oil which can be used before bathing as a massage oil and also for moisturizing after bathing.

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